“All in the Familia”


Since its fashionable inception in 1997, Paris concept shop Colette has made its way into customers’ closets, iPods, makeup cases, breakfast tables, and bookshelves. Now they’re making their presence felt at the family gathering with an exhibition from NY-based artists’ collective We-Are-Familia, “an independent creative study on the concept of family”. The project features fifty artists, musicians, and designers contributing their own mementos and personal ideas of family to create keepsake boxes fashioned from recycled and found objects. The boxes, each signed and numbered, will be on display at Colette starting Monday. Contributors include artist-turned-accessories-designer Kim Songe, Zurich art direction firm Superette, designer Helena Fredriksson, and an assorted crew of sound engineers, film producers and photographers who make up We-Are-Familia’s modern day global family. And while the work is provocative and beautiful, its most laudable quality just might be its ability to distract from this season’s inevitable highlighting of your own family’s dysfunction.